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Distributed Avionics announce InnovateUK funding – Project SWARM

Project SWARM (Swarm technology and digital twinning to enable coordination and utilisation of high numbers of 100kg payload UAVs in aid delivery and firefighting applications)

Distributed Avionics are pleased to announce that they have successfully secured Innovate UK funding under the Future Flight development program. As part of a consortium, together with Windracers and the University of Bristol, DA will provide the safety critical autopilot and control architecture in order to support the deployment of a swarm of real and virtual unmanned systems.

The project, which ends in a live flight trial, will develop autonomous swarm agents capable of understanding high level tasks such as searching an area for a fire. These will be integrated with DA’s ‘Distributed Control’ architecture, allowing multiple vehicles to be tasked over the internet. Windracers will provide support and understanding in the use of decentralised communications systems to enable robust swarm strategies, unlocking the ability of flying multiple unmanned systems in a safe and coordinated manner.

The team are looking forward to building an exciting system which combines multiple cross cutting technologies into a next-generation swarm demonstration. The video below provides a brief overview of the project.