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Distributed Avionics announce InnovateUK funding – Project SWARM

Project SWARM (Swarm technology and digital twinning to enable coordination and utilisation of high numbers of 100kg payload UAVs in aid delivery and firefighting applications) Distributed Avionics are pleased to announce that they have successfully secured Innovate UK funding under the Future Flight development program. As part of a consortium, together with Windracers and the … Continued

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Distributed Avionics announce InnovateUK funding – Project SCAFFold

Project SCAFFold (Safety Critical Avionics for Future Flight) In order to deal with key challenges facing mankind, the future of aviation must change radically. Reduction of emissions, more electric aircraft, and autonomous systems are essential to meet these challenges. Autonomous drones will be increasingly used for commercial applications such as delivery of medicines, remote community … Continued

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Distributed Avionics partner on NHS resupply flight trials

Distributed Avionics have partnered with Windracers and the University of Southampton to provide emergency transport services to support the response to COVID-19 at St Mary’s Hospital, Isle of Wight. Windracers and Distributed Avionics are working with Solent Transport to trial an innovative and fast UAV transportation service to help reduce the impact of COVID-19. The … Continued

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